Writing Skills

Young children need to learn how to use a computer key board and an ipad but they also need to learn how to use a pencil. The computer key board is a tool as is a pen or pencil but often children are not practising the skill of using a pencil and strengthening their fine motor skills to be able to manipulate a pencil effectively once they reach school.

Creating the formation of a letter is part of learning and consolidating knowledge. It helps children to remember the shape and associate this shape with a sound and communication.

From the moment a child starts to place marks on a page they are learning about the importance of written communication. We need to ensure that children have access to pencils from a young age and that they are continually given opportunities to draw and communicate through their symbols and writing.

Early years services ensure that children have plenty of opportunities to use pencils NOT just coloured markers. Why? Markers are easy to use and don’t require the same pressure as a pencil. They can also be a very different thickness and not assist a child’s developing pencil grip.

If you are interested in a short read on the developmental stages of writing, go to: